We service groups of all sizes. In order to receive fundraising prices you must sell a minimum of 100 items. If your order is less than $500.00 it can be picked up at our office and will be processed as a bulk order. Our hours of delivery are M-F 9-4pm. Please call our office to find out when your order will be available for pick up!
If you are an individual needing to fund raise you may want to access our TjsFundMe program for individuals.

The money may be collected either at the time you take the order or at the time of delivery. If you collect at the time you take the order, your orders will be smaller but you will lessen the risk of being stuck with orphan products. If you collect at the time you deliver, your orders will be larger. Customers will have ample time to make financial arrangements and will be less cautious about ordering.

All personal checks must be made out to your organization. TJ’s does not accept personal checks. We do accept money orders, cashier’s check, organizational check (with signee’s on site ID) and cash. Our office will verify payment method prior to delivery.
In the interest of our drivers’ protection NO CASH for orders over $500 please!

We have a page on this website solely dedicated to turn in. You may submit your orders by phone, mail, in person, or online.

After your order is submitted, allow us 10 working days to a scheduled delivery day.

We box each order per individual seller, so you must total each sellers’ grand total and submit that information.

You can always submit orders. You can phone in any late orders and we’ll do our best to get them out on day of delivery. Their totals may not always appear on your summary report. If someone has taken the time and effort to sell our products for your fundraiser, we will have their orders filled and we’ll find a way to get it to them!

At the time of delivery, we strongly suggest that each order is verified for accuracy by each individual. Should you have missing product or a discrepancy in packing, let us know within 24 hours and we’ll make arrangements to correct it.

We encourage all chairpersons to be aware of any requests for re-orders. This opportunity for further profits will many times present itself. We can always schedule another delivery.

If an organization has a tax exempt status, you will not be subject to sales tax. If you do not, all Missouri sales taxes will be added to your wholesale amount. You may want to adjust your selling prices accordingly.

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